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Plymouth, MA single family real estate update for 2019

Happy New Year!

The Median Price for single family homes in Plymouth for 2019 was $398,500, up 5% from last year’s Median Price of $380,000. This marks the 3rd consecutive year of price increases (2015 vs 2016 was stable), however there has been an upward trend in median sale prices overall since 2012. Listings taken for the year were up 1.5% from last year. Total sales were down to 865 sales from last year’s total of 904 (4% drop). Short sales and Lender-Owned sales (REO’s) were both at 4-year lows.
It is an excellent time to sell your home if you are in the market to do so. Not only are home values at essentially all-time highs, Days on Market are at their lowest level going back 5 years (37 days on market), and the “Median sale price as a % of List price” is also at its highest point in the last 5 years (99.34%).

If you are looking to acquire a new home, you certainly should have a long-term plan in mind and be careful of over-leveraging. Otherwise, a pull-back in this high-priced market could put you under financial strain.


Other Interesting Numbers from 2019:


Plymouth, MA single family properties

868 sales total (MLS)
162 cash sales (19%): up 8% from last year
514 Conventional Loans (includes “Other” category) (59%)
127 FHA (15%): up 8% from last year
54 VA (6%)


Single Family Home Sales in Plymouth, MA:
2019: 868 sales
2018: 912 sales
2017: 879 sales
2016: 830 sales
2015: 725 sales
2014: 688 sales

*Used MLS data



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